How To Improve Your Local SEO Rankings

The internet is a competitive space for many businesses, and local SEO provides them with the power to be seen by their customers. Although it keeps changing all the time, the fundamental impact it can have on your business is a time-tested truth. Many companies don’t quite know how to go about optimizing their local SEO for better ranking results. Here are 8 ways to improve your local search rankings in Google.

Improve Your Site Speed

Google declared the speed of websites as one of the contributing factors for the search results visibility. What this means for your local SEO ranking is that if you have good content on your site, but it is slow, the search engine will not display it as a top result. Slow speeds will lead to lower rankings which in turn will lead to lower conversion rates. Check your website speed using various online tools to determine what you need to do to improve your load times for better ranking.

Get More Online Reviews 

Genuine online reviews have fast risen to become a key influencer of search engine ranking. This is because people put weight on the experiences of others with a business or product they are thinking of using, and the data proves it.

A survey conducted shows that 84 percent of people value online reviews as much as personal recommendations. It also indicates that out of ten customers, seven are comfortable with leaving a review when asked. You, therefore, have a pool of existing clients who are willing to provide genuine feedback for free which will improve your Google ranking. Use the various online tools available to get reviews. Monitor your businesses’ mentions on social media to get leads that can provide reviews. Your Facebook page and Google My Business page are critical places you should seek to get reviews from.

Use Google My Business

Your Google My Business page is a valuable asset in influencing your search ranking as Google itself ties the results in favor of listed businesses. Claim your Google My Business page, or have your SEO Agency claim it, to appear in the local search result three-pack section. You will need to optimize it once you claim it to obtain such a result. Bing Places for Business is also a similar service providing similar results that you should take advantage of.

Use Keywords Properly 

Keywords are a useful tool in promoting your search result listing if used well. Start by using long tail keywords instead of shorter ones to improve your SEO visibility. Understand the effect of using informational keywords as well as commercial ones. Informational keywords generate organic traffic, but conversion will be more difficult to attain. This is because those searching for these terms are looking for information without a high intent to make a purchase.

Commercial keywords, on the other hand, provide leads that deliver attractive conversion rates. This is because those who search for these terms have a high intent to make a purchase should they find the information useful for their needs. Leads from commercial keywords also have a higher propensity to leave reviews providing a double boost to your ranking visibility.  

Create Valuable Content

No matter what SEO tactics you use to improve your ranking, there is nothing that will have a significant an impact as fantastic content. Create material that will meet the needs of those who seek information online. When someone looks up a topic your content deals with and feels that it adds substantial value to them, they will leave positive reviews and pass it on to others. The cascading effect will drive up organic traffic and boost your overall ranking and visibility. How frequently users engage with your content influences how high you rank as a search result.

Create Use Natural Backlinks

Links have a substantial effect on your ranking, especially with Google My Business. Use links within your content for optimization purposes. If you use any photos in your social media marketing, make sure that you link them back to your website as well.

Use Well Crafted Titles and Descriptions

Carefully craft the title and meta descriptions that will be seen as a search engine result. They act as a sort of ‘mini-ad’ to your content and when well done will improve your ranking. Only use useful texts and name the local areas of your business to gain local SEO market share.

Structured Data Markup

Add information about your business, its services, etc. to your site’s code for Google to better understand what your business is about and potentially increase your visibility.


The internet is highly competitive with businesses vying for the attention of customers. There are several ways to influence your local search rankings in Google to stand out from the rest and get more conversions. Implement these tips together in a unified strategy to fine tune your ranking and visibility. 

About the Author

Craig Corbel is the Vice President of Marketing and Design at Solution Web Designs, an agency caters to small and mid-sized companies in the tristate area. Learn more by visiting their website.


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