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What is Position Zero?

Several years ago, Google rolled out "Featured Snippets," which is their way of optimizing the search experience for users. Not sure what they are? Head over and conduct a search on Google. Since their introduction, many search terms today return a specially promoted result, prominently displayed at the very tippy-top of the search results: the Featured Snippet. This innovative response to lessen search paralysis in an age when simple queries return millions of results has shaken up search engine optimization.

Position Zero

Before, the top spot you could occupy on the search results was #1. The algorithm for determining this is complex and slow to improve; moving from #7 to #1, for example, could take months or years of slogging through, especially with how the age of a webpage weighs in. With this new feature, though, there's now a result displayed even before any of the websites: the Featured Snippet, #0. Any search result from the top 10 can be the featured snippet, so…