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Ten Ways to Improve Your Website

There's no getting around it, small business owners must have a corresponding website that stands head and shoulders above the competition, and this all begins and ends with an intuitive design. A website that's well-designed, boasting easy-to-navigate elements and other user-centric touches, remains one of the best ways to market a small business and brings with it additional benefits such as being readily available to be found by potential customers who are searching for services.

With an employment market that hasn't been too explosive regarding new opportunities, more and more people are turning to home-based startup service businesses - and why not? There is an almost infinite number of products or services you can offer from the comfort of your home, eliminating the need to pay for office space - but that doesn't eliminate the need to develop ways to get your business noticed.

It goes without saying that the first avenue to consider here is a website. In fact, we&#…

Six Strategic Social Media Tips When You Are Too Busy

Don’t Have Time to Post?Here are Six Strategic Tips for Keeping Up with Your Social Media Responsibilities

Someone once said, “time is short,” and in this day and age of balancing a home family life, business duties and perhaps taking on second or third jobs, that phrase has become something of a gross understatement. Into this mix has come social media, which everyone seemed to, at one point, have gobs of time for, yet the paradigm in this area has changed significantly as well, what with busy people finding themselves with fewer opportunities to check in on his or her Facebook page.

The situation is profoundly complicated when it comes to uber-busy business owners who cannot seem to find a moment to keep up with the ever-running social media scene. Case in point: Somewhere around 6,000 tweets are sent, people upload about 800 photos on Instagram, and five new profiles are added to Facebook every second.
The point here is that life on the Internet – and in the social media world – move…