Ten Ways to Improve Your Website

There's no getting around it, small business owners must have a corresponding website that stands head and shoulders above the competition, and this all begins and ends with an intuitive design. A website that's well-designed, boasting easy-to-navigate elements and other user-centric touches, remains one of the best ways to market a small business and brings with it additional benefits such as being readily available to be found by potential customers who are searching for services.

With an employment market that hasn't been too explosive regarding new opportunities, more and more people are turning to home-based startup service businesses - and why not? There is an almost infinite number of products or services you can offer from the comfort of your home, eliminating the need to pay for office space - but that doesn't eliminate the need to develop ways to get your business noticed.

It goes without saying that the first avenue to consider here is a website. In fact, we&#…

Six Strategic Social Media Tips When You Are Too Busy

Don’t Have Time to Post?Here are Six Strategic Tips for Keeping Up with Your Social Media Responsibilities

Someone once said, “time is short,” and in this day and age of balancing a home family life, business duties and perhaps taking on second or third jobs, that phrase has become something of a gross understatement. Into this mix has come social media, which everyone seemed to, at one point, have gobs of time for, yet the paradigm in this area has changed significantly as well, what with busy people finding themselves with fewer opportunities to check in on his or her Facebook page.

The situation is profoundly complicated when it comes to uber-busy business owners who cannot seem to find a moment to keep up with the ever-running social media scene. Case in point: Somewhere around 6,000 tweets are sent, people upload about 800 photos on Instagram, and five new profiles are added on Facebook every second.
The point here is that life on the Internet – and in the social media world – move…

Optimize Your Website for Google Voice Search

Google completely changed the way users searched for information while using their phones with the release of Google Voice Search. In the past, searching online while using a phone or another device required that you open your browser, type the word or phrase you wanted to search for in that box, and wait for the results to come back. Google Voice Search allows you to ask Google a question and find results almost instantly. You can update your website to work with this feature, which will make the site more appealing and accessible to those using the web.

What is Google Voice Search?

Google Voice Search is a tool that Google released for its users that allows them to do searches with their voice instead of their fingers. Initially available only on Android devices, Google later released a version that works on Apple devices. Many users compare it to Siri, the app designed by Apple for its devices. You can speak on your phone and ask Google a question like who sings a specific song. It a…

What is Mobile First Indexing?

Google makes sure its search engine is always updated and thoughtful when it comes to the needs of the users. These days, most people depend on their mobile devices to carry out different activities in the online world. For this reason, Google has decided to focus more on these on-the-go users.

As a result, Google has released several updates, which are designed to ensure that the web becomes a better place for mobile users. Currently, the most talked about is the mobile-first version of the search engine's index since it started rolling out on a handful of websites. Webmasters and search engine optimizers know that this change can mean a considerable modification in online ranking strategies.

Mobile First Index in a Nutshell

When Google indexes web pages, it means that it collects information which it will later use to prepare the search results for different queries. When a particular person searches for something, Google will display the results based on its formula using the inde…

What is Position Zero?

Several years ago, Google rolled out "Featured Snippets," which is their way of optimizing the search experience for users. Not sure what they are? Head over and conduct a search on Google. Since their introduction, many search terms today return a specially promoted result, prominently displayed at the very tippy-top of the search results: the Featured Snippet. This innovative response to lessen search paralysis in an age when simple queries return millions of results has shaken up search engine optimization.

Position Zero

Before, the top spot you could occupy on the search results was #1. The algorithm for determining this is complex and slow to improve; moving from #7 to #1, for example, could take months or years of slogging through, especially with how the age of a webpage weighs in. With this new feature, though, there's now a result displayed even before any of the websites: the Featured Snippet, #0. Any search result from the top 10 can be the featured snippet, so…

How To Improve Your Local SEO Rankings

The internet is a competitive space for many businesses, and local SEO provides them with the power to be seen by their customers. Although it keeps changing all the time, the fundamental impact it can have on your business is a time-tested truth. Many companies don’t quite know how to go about optimizing their local SEO for better ranking results. Here are 8 ways to improve your local search rankings in Google.

How To Use Google Posts

Have you been using the Google My Business, as well as your company website in your marketing efforts but still not gaining new business? Your content might be the problem. Your web content (descriptions, videos, images, and reviews) helps to tell your company’s story to potential customers; if it is not convincing enough, people can move on to your competitors.

Through proper content, you can be able to engage clients and visitors through your site, online business listings, and social media platforms. Today, your content also needs to be SEO optimized to help your site to stand out in search results. Even with all this, most companies still struggle to maintain compelling, unique and fresh web content.

Business owners who have been struggling with digital marketing have a reason to smile again. Google has a tool that makes content marketing easy, using a new feature known as Google Posts. You need not worry if you haven’t used this feature before. In this post, we shall be discussing …