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8 Ways to Improve Visits to Your Blog

8 Ways to Improve Visits to Your Blog
8 Ways to Improve Visits to Your Blog

All too often companies publish great blog posts assuming the traffic will naturally roll in. However, it requires a bit more effort to generate interest in your post and thereby increase traffic to your blog. In fact, the following 8 tactics can help improve visits to your blog, so your efforts do not go wasted. And, they can be implemented yourself or via a reputable blog posting service.

1. Understand Your Audience

The first step to increasing visits to your blog is to know your audience's behavior so that you can gear your content towards them.

To do so, just type your blog address into a search engine like Alexa, then scroll down to discover the level of engagement, which will be provided in three metrics: daily page views per visitor, bounce rate, and daily time on site. Using these three parameters, you can make the necessary adjustments to increase the level of engagement in your posts.

2. Generate Ideas From Useful Comments

Reading blog comments is a great way to connect with your readers, and it can also provide a lot of useful ideas. Find comments from knowledgeable people that can be used for future blog article topics. This can be done by skimming your own posts for useful comments, or you could also find them by visiting authoritative blogs, such as Moz Blog, that contain comments that provide expert advice.

A site like Buzzsumo can also be used to help generate ideas. Simply key in your primary search engine keyword, and it will display the number of social media shares for the most popular posts surrounding your keyword, which can then be used to inspire social media engagement in your posts.

3. Create Viral Content

To create viral content that increases traffic to your blog, look for the sites that consistently create successful viral posts. When researching these sites, you will typically find that some of the most successful tactics used include understanding their audience in addition to presenting intriguing ideas.

They also will have a great headline. In fact, studies show most people will click to read your post simply by having a curiosity-driven headline alone. A site such as Ubersuggest is a great tool for finding related keywords and phrases you could use in your blog title to help generate interest. They also include short emotional videos, which is an excellent way to get readers involved with your blog post topic.

They also tend to limit engagement. For instance, the more social media sharing buttons you have, the lower conversion rates tend to be. Therefore, many successful blogs tend to provide limited choices to drive engagement with a blog article and increase search traffic.

4. Use Long-Tail Keyword Phrases

Long-tail phrases have long been a dominant traffic driver. In fact, they influence most search engines, including Google, which drives organic traffic to your blog and can ultimately increase your traffic. To identify useful long-tail keywords, you need to research thoroughly and then create long, effective phrases with these keywords front and center. This not only helps bring traffic to your blog but also builds a strong community around your ideas.

Long-tail keywords teach you various things, including searchers intent and what they are searching for, which can then be used to structure your content so that it can address the searchers issue. Google Autoset and Google Keyword Planner are also great tools for finding high ranking phrases.

5. Produce Great Original Content

Research and write a valuable, interesting, data-driven post of approximately 1,500 words that is well optimized for target keyword phrases, and be sure to include plenty of images, data, and links to authority sites in the niche. If you are limited with free time, a blog posting service can assist with this. There are no shortcuts, everything you write must be original.

6. Get Influencers to Write for You

Getting key influencers to write for your blog is an excellent way to increase your traffic. To do so, reach out to the bloggers in your niche who have the ability to write continuously good content and have a strong social following. Ask them to become contributors.

By getting influencers involved, you will not only be building a relationship and getting great content for your blog, which will hopefully lead to more shares and links. You will also be increasing your access to high-quality distribution channels by way of the influencer's social network. They may also be able to link to content they have written for your blog via a third party site down the road.

7. Guest Blog on Targeted A-List Blogs

Guest blogging on targeted A-list blogs not only helps build your credibility, but it also helps you build an elite email list. To grow your list, select a list of active authority blogs with a lot of social media followers who may want to learn about the subject of your blogs.

To locate authoritative blogs in your niche, simply go to Google and key in phrases like "your primary keyword + submit guest post" etc. that will give you a list of target places to guest blog and also provide search traffic to your site for your email list.

8. Promote Your Content

Once you publish something on your blog, distribute it across all of your social media platforms, but don't stop there. Share posts multiple times on a regular schedule, perhaps about once a week. Be sure to send your posts via email to your friends and business associates.

In the end, each of these traffic driving methods are effective; however, you have to stick to the plan to realize results. Do so, and you will increase visitors to your blog, gain email subscribers, generate traffic to your website, and boost your conversion rate.

For many businesses finding the time to post consistently can be daunting; therefore, you may consider enlisting the aid of a reputable blog posting agency which is well adept in these, and other, traffic driving tactics, so you are free to focus on other tasks. 

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Craig Corbel is the Vice President of Marketing at Solution Web Designs, a full service, web design, and online marketing agency. Learn more by visiting their website.

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8 Warning Signs Your Website May Have Been Affected by Negative SEO

8 Warning Signs Your Website May Have Been Affected by Negative SEO
8 Warning Signs Your Website May Have Been Affected by Negative SEO

Negative SEO is the act of using blackhat operations that go against Google's guidelines in a malicious effort to diminish the success or effectiveness of a website's SEO properties by altering or disabling them and is most commonly performed by a competitor or enemy.

While some malicious SEO tactics go virtually unnoticed, some of the most common signs that your website has been affected by negative SEO include:

Unfamiliar Backlinks

The most widely used type of negative SEO tactic is blackhat backlinks.

During this process, the attacker will create, obtain, or purchase multiple, often legitimate looking backlinks, and then point them to the website of attack for the sole intent of creating an excessive number of backlinks and making it appear as though the website owner created them.

These links can be forum spam, blog spam, guest blog spam, or any other type of spam. Some tactics are all out blatant such as "Buy Rogaine" or "Payday Loans," while others are more subtle to make it appear as if it was purposely created by the website owner.

The point here is if Google were to perform a manual audit and notice tons of insignificant backlinks containing irrelevant content, it would raise an alert to Google and ultimately lead to a penalty.

Missing Backlinks

In some instances, a malicious SEO will remove your backlinks by emailing websites that link to yours, often using a or type of address, and request that they delete the link to your site.

What this essentially accomplishes is all links to your website are removed simultaneously. In the meantime, you have no clue of the occurrence until your rankings have already been compromised.

Your Website Disappears

In some cases, an attacker will perform more dangerous actions so that Google removes your website altogether from the search engines. For instance, someone may inform Google that you have posted content that belongs to them, which in many cases, can result in an automatic removal of your page for at least ten days.

Strange Sites Redirect to You

Another common malicious SEO tactic is redirecting a penalized site to yours. While not all redirects are bad, you should beware if you notice that you have three sites redirecting to you one week and then the next you have 20 or 200, then this could be a sign of a problem.

You should also beware of 301 and 302 redirects, which involves a competitor redirecting your site to theirs so that they can steal your traffic and search engine ranking.

You Encounter Server Issues

There are various ways a sophisticated attacker can sabotage your server and mask it cleverly without your knowledge, including removing stuff like server compression, caching, CDN's, etc., move essential files around, or embed large files to slow your load time. They may also rel=nofollow all of your inbound and outbound links or add a large number of visible CSS and so on.

While none of these tactics will trigger Google alerts, they could significantly lower your rankings over time.

You are Suddenly Banned From AdSense

Google AdSense is a chief source of income for many website owners; therefore, an attacker may attempt to get you kicked out with a click attack campaign.

By going to your page and profusely clicking on ads, it raises suspicion to Google that you are unnaturally trying to increase your earnings, in which case Google will boot you out of the program without notification.

Duplicate Content

Sometimes a savvy competitor may steal your content and post an exact version on their own site, so Google has a hard time determining which is the original.

As Google filters the duplicate content, it will only rank the version it saw first. If Google deems your competitor's content as the original, you will miss out on valuable rankings. Furthermore, Google views duplicate content as a signal for probable spam sites, which can also damage your backlink footprint.

Therefore, a malicious competitor may keep watch of your site, sometimes using an RSS feed, and as soon as you post something new, steal your content and post an exact version on their own page to make it harder for Google to recognize the original.

Your Brand or Reputation is Tarnished

In some cases, an attacker will post an influx of negative reviews or comments on reputable sites like Yelp, Google, or Facebook, etc., in an attempt to tarnish your brand's reputation, which in turn lower your rankings.

At the other end of the spectrum, an attacker may review bomb, or point a large number of 5-star reviews at your business so it appears that you have paid for them, which could also negatively affect your rankings.

Lastly, an attacker may even report your website's "black hat" tactics to Google to tarnish your reputation.

Fortunately, blackhat tactics do not have to be tolerated. In fact, legal recourse is permitted for such acts. In the meantime, there are steps you can take to combat against malicious SEO, including disavowing links, revising your SEO properties, and more, some of which can be performed on your own or with the aid of a reputable SEO company

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Craig Corbel is the Vice President of Marketing at Solution Web Designs, a leading web design and marketing agency serving small and mid-sized businesses.

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How To Generate High-Quality Leads For Your Business With An Effective Web Design Service in Long Island

Modern Elements of Long Island Web Design
Modern Elements of Web Design

Quality web design not only helps reinforce your brand, but it also establishes credibility for you site, which can ultimately generate more leads, sales, and revenue. Long Island Website Designers can help you design a website that displays your business in its best light, gives potential clients insight into the real you, and that is SEO optimized for top search results, which in turn can help produce valuable leads.

Leads, in general, are people who are contacting you because they have an interest in buying your company's product or service, including people who come to your site to complete forms to contact you or who dialed your phone number, which they located on your site, to reach you. In other words, these are potential clients or customers who have a need for your product or service and could potentially buy from you in the future. Theoretically, these leads are interested in a follow-up meeting or call, which is valuable to your company.

Once traffic is driven to your site, it is your websites' job to turn, or convert, this traffic into leads, meaning your website changes a visitor into a lead you can follow-up with. This is typically done by prompting a potential customer to leave their contact information, such as their name and other details, via a website form, or getting them to contact you via phone and provide this information.

If your site does not have quality web design, it is difficult to generate leads online. In fact, your website is the center of all your online lead generating activities; therefore, it is up to your web designer to employ effective online marketing strategies to help drive quality traffic to your website.

Web Design Long Island is a leading expert in web design services and can help generate traffic and produce quality leads for your business in the following ways:

Website Optimization

Your website or landing page is the center of conducting online business and sales; therefore, it must create a good first impression. Also, it must also be optimized for lead generation. Some ways Long Island Website Designers can optimize your website include:

  • Customer-centered templates-Customer-centered web design creates ease of understanding your content and helps customers understand your pricing schemes, which in turn helps with the buying process and entices customers to buy from you.

  • Include contact number-Including a contact number on your website helps increase consumer trust and adds credibility to your page.

  • Post forms on each page-Creating easy access to lead generating forms helps create valuable leads through your site.
  • Photos and testimonials-Photos add richness to your website, while solid Testimonials add credibility and powerful support for your offer.
  • Powerful content-Strong, compelling content creates an "imagine feeling" that helps consumers imagine themselves in the role of receiving the benefits of your product or service.

  • And more
SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps ensure your website or landing page remains in top rankings in search results through organic web searches that consumers use every day, which helps increase visibility for your site and produce leads in the process. SEO marketing in conjunction with content marketing further increases this effect. Furthermore, SEO Long Island remains up-to-date in search engine algorithm rules and regulations, which helps prepare you for future changes that could potentially affect your ranking.

Responsive Web Design

Recent reports show that smartphone users alone are estimated to reach 2 billion worldwide by 2021. Imagine consumers logging onto your website or attempting to view a link via their email on their smartphone, only to have that website distorted and lacking any professional format. This could cause many companies to lose potential business because of inadequate web design.

Responsive web design helps ensure your website is viewable across all platforms, thereby:

  • Creating a seamless user experience on multiple devices
  • Increasing search engine ranking
  • Demonstrating an active online presence
  • And more
A site that is simple to navigate helps generate a higher number of leads from your traffic, which in turn helps produce more conversions.

Social Media Marketing

There are approximately 1.8 billion social media users, which means if your business does not have a social media page, you may be missing out on valuable leads. In fact, not only does social media continue to be an engaging way to connect with your target audience, but reports also show that social media platforms are growing as an effective sales generation channel.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for quite some time and is still hailed as one of the most effective sources of generating leads. In fact, reports show that not only is email marketing 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Twitter or Facebook, but it also has a higher conversion rate (66%) as compared to social media, direct mail, and more.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you understand where your traffic is coming from as well as what traffic is producing conversions, which helps you stay on top of your marketing scheme and make adjustments where needed.

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