How to Divide a Monthly Online Marketing Budget

From web pages and SEO to pay-per-click, social media marketing, local SEO, blog posting, press releases, video marketing and reputation management, dividing a monthly online marketing budget is crucial to keep all these spinning wheels…well…spinning. As you plan your business' marketing budget, your key questions may encompass:
How much should be spent on marketing?What are the best tactics/channels to invest in?What does digital marketing actually cost?What percentage of my marketing budget should be allocated for each tactic/channel?In this article, we want to help you discover that "sweet spot" - the budget that nets you the maximum return on your investment - while assisting you with dividing up the costs of those marketing efforts. Put simply, your business' marketing budget should be a means to effectively serve your marketing goals and ultimately grow your company - whatever the size of your operations.

Before we break down the individual marketing tactics ment…

Should You Add Bitcoin to Your Small Business Website

Just a few years ago, Bitcoin was barely heard of; however, today it is one of the most widely used forms of online payments utilized by customers worldwide, which means as a small business, if you are not accepting Bitcoin, you could be missing out on potential customers.

What is Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin idea was said to be developed in 2009 by founder Satoshi Nakamoto, with the initial transaction being used to purchase takeout.

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency, additionally known as a cryptocurrency, which serves as a method of payment for making purchases from retailers. It is also used to process customer payments, and some businesses even use it to simplify their payroll. Bitcoin is also traded on various global markets, which is ultimately how its worth is established.

Bitcoin exists only in the digital world, which means there is no actual physical form of currency. Instead, the cryptocurrency is reserved in a digital wallet that utilizes a blockchain ledger that enables Bitcoin …

Seven Great Tips to Improve Your AdWords Campaign

Though it's been called an ideal new leads source for small businesses, Google's AdWords is seen by some as a "complex system" that requires a great deal of effort to yield success. AdWords is an advertising service hosted by Google for businesses looking to display ads on Google and its advertising network, and as such enables organizations to set a budget for advertising; this protocol encompasses companies only paying when people click on their ads, with the ad service largely focused on keywords.

Businesses that take advantage of AdWords can create relevant ads using keywords that people who search the Internet using the Google search engine would use. The keyword, when searched for, triggers the ad to be displayed, and if an AdWords ad is clicked on, Google search users are then directed to the corresponding website.

Sounds simple and intuitive enough, right?

Well, no successful campaign was ever born in just a few moments, and if some statistics from a pay per cli…

How to Setup Google Maps

Google Maps makes it easier for potential customers to both locate and interact with your local business online, via their computer or smartphone, by providing important details about your company, including your address, phone number, and business hours. It also provides directions to your location to help ensure new customers can find you.  However, just like with any online search engine, the higher your business ranks in Google Maps, the more likely it is to be found by potential customers. Some ways to increase your ranking in Google Maps include:

About Google Maps
When conducting a Google search of businesses in your area, Google will automatically return a Google Map of the establishments nearest you.

For instance, if you were to key the word "pizza" into the Google search box, the service will return a map with a list of pinned locations of pizzerias in your area. It will also include a short profile of each establishment as well as a link to their Google My Business lis…

6 Great Tips for Email Marketing

If you are worried that 99-percent of your newsletters will be relegated to the junk folder, ask yourself this question: Have you been neglecting the process of email marketing for your business because of this fear? If so, you have been losing out on infinite possible conversions every month. Before we delve into some great suggestions to improve your email newsletter marketing efforts, let's talk a bit about newsletter campaigns.

Newsletter campaigns should be viewed as direct messages to people who already know your company and are interested in your products and services. Because they've interacted with you in the past, you have obtained their email addresses, so the only thing standing between them converting to paying customers and you is an eye-catching pitch via email. 

Here's the real kicker: If you're already committed to crafting quality content for a social media campaign or blog, firing off a converting newsletter can be as easy as reorienting your best effo…

Improve Local SEO Marketing

8 Tips to Improve Your Local SEO Marketing

Building your brand involves using local SEO services like site optimization, directory assistance, and regular content creation. Keyword optimization and ensuring your site has a strong frame with little to no bugs or issues are vital to retaining visitors to your website. People will not stay on the site long enough if you use old content or big blocks of text with large words that no one understands. Use internal links to your web pages to build your ratings, says Forbes.

Link to High-Quality Websites

The sites you link with help determine the search rating you get online. Adding connections to reputable websites and enterprises boosts your reputation. The goal is to find your business on pages like Yelp and Google. You know you are successful at SEO when you find out you have a wiki link says Inc.

Geotags Make All the Difference

Your website needs geographic terms and phrases all over the place to boost ratings. Your meta tags and descriptions…

Ten Ways to Improve Your Website

There's no getting around it, small business owners must have a corresponding website that stands head and shoulders above the competition, and this all begins and ends with an intuitive design. A website that's well-designed, boasting easy-to-navigate elements and other user-centric touches, remains one of the best ways to market a small business and brings with it additional benefits such as being readily available to be found by potential customers who are searching for services.

With an employment market that hasn't been too explosive regarding new opportunities, more and more people are turning to home-based startup service businesses - and why not? There is an almost infinite number of products or services you can offer from the comfort of your home, eliminating the need to pay for office space - but that doesn't eliminate the need to develop ways to get your business noticed.

It goes without saying that the first avenue to consider here is a website. In fact, we&#…