The Importance of Regular Press Releases

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The Internet has become an influential means for people today. Which is why, over time more and more businesses have utilized all its resources as an important tool for marketing. 


The cost effectiveness of online mediums can boost a business' likelihood to increase revenue by reaching a wider scope of audience for their potential customers.

One major component of online advertising and strategic optimization of a website is through press releases.  Their popularity has doubled over the decade reaching to over thousands of press release sites that are offered for free online.

Using and online marketing agency should be part of your strategic portfolio. They have replaced numerous traditional pricey means for brand promotion and public relations communication, such as print and media ads in televisions and radio that may only reach a local or smaller group of audience. Unlike them, the new way of a press release online is all about written announcements directed at members of a business group.

As a new-age marketing tool, what most business enterprises send out as a press release are write ups about scheduled events, new products, new services, promotions, sales, and other announcements claimed as having great news value.

More so, press releases are also highly utilized to create customer density. A certain write up can talk about how positive their business or products get from customer reviews and comments. When other members see this, they are more likely to be enticed to invest or buy the said product. The same goes when business uses press release to promote a new product or service. It becomes easy for these kinds of news to become viral as it improves the chances that other customers who may have already tried it to share the good news to their other friends and colleagues.
Just like the traditional "word of mouth" strategies that businesses invest in back in the old days is the same online strategy that press releases hope to claim. By publishing positive write ups online, a business appears more prominent and acquires more credibility when many have judged the piece important enough for it to be republished by another objective third party.

Other important features that businesses can utilize out of a press release are:

  • Control over press release form - making the write up as relevant and interesting in the form that one wants is the essence of a true press release. Other than just writing blogs or news articles, one can add their personal touch through a video clip, images, or any multimedia material that can convey a story or message in a way how one may want it to be as interesting and exciting.
  • Gives wider exposure - with millions of users online it is not impossible to reach them all, but what is more interesting is that there are over 300 press releases that with high rankings that offer their services absolutely free.
  • Providing ads on - a press release needs to be more than just an announcement of news. It should provide the reader a wider perspective and much more action opportunities that keep them continuing not just their membership, but also their interest to read every press release. This can be done through special offers, free trials and consultations, paper download discounts, referral forms, newsletters, free webinars, podcasts of learning materials, and reports of accomplishments and awards.
  • Portability and convenience - press releases can be read significantly in any form of social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn where expansion of target audience is present. Blogs are another medium where press releases can be maximized, which can be included to the official company's website. More so, press releases can now be read even with smartphones.
How to Optimize Press Releases for Better Results

Provided that press releases are such an important means for online marketing strategy, maximizing its resources will more likely reach wider prospective customers. When they are carefully written with relevant and interesting information, a press release can easily be found, readable, and shareable by its target audience. Hiring an experienced press release service can ensure all your online marketing goals are achieved.

About eighty percent of online purchases start with web searches and using search engine optimization can help any website deliver their press releases effectively with outstanding results. Here are tips to optimize better a certain press release:

  • Identify search terms that would lead back to the press release - search items are used to electronically retrieve data. They are what surfers use to enter in search engine fields. So, if the business is all about car parts, keywords used on title pages as well as in description pages should match search terms that users may use.
  • Scatter keywords in the body of the content - keyword cannibalism is something that all publishers must avoid. Press release must only contain about three to four relevant keywords that should be scattered and repeated not more than four or five times on the content. This way, search engine will find the write up keyword rich and link it more often when corresponding search terms are looked up online, which give better search reviews and results.
  • Build Links and hyperlinks back to the website - hyperlinks are considered as the backbone of websites. They are used to link a business website outside to reach a wider scope of audience. In the case of a press release, they are used as footnotes to direct back the audience to the website and to allow them to move freely around the website to explore more information provided.
  • Use social bookmark -social bookmarking is dedicated to manage daily work during internet surfing. By using social bookmarking to share business URLs, press releases will gain more search engine visibility and views.
  • Use multimedia links for YouTube - using video uploaded on YouTube of flash media makes any press release more interesting and worth readable.
  • Using eye catching headlines and sub-headlines - just like a subject line for emails or slogans of any TV media ad, headlines of press releases should invite visitors to read it. Do not write headlines that would only fit keywords, but something that can pop imagination and attention.
Using a press release can simplify the process of advertising and promoting business products and services into popular search engines like Google. It is one online strategy that businesses should grab not only because of their free services, but because it has been proven as an effective consumer communication tool to attract potential customers and thereby gain more business revenue.

Craig Corbel is the Vice President of Marketing for Solution Web Designs, a turnkey web design and marketing company for small to mid-sized business.

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